Image courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectabes  

Miniature Club of British Columbia

West Coast Dollhouse & Miniature Show & Sale


Best in Show 

"Vitoria - The Night Before Christmas" by Fatima da Ponte

First Place

"Christmas - Under the Stairs" by Bonnie Morrison

Second Place

"Fairy House" 1/48th -   by Pam McDonald

Tied for Third Place

"Milton's Barber Shop" by Judy Lauson

"Winston Park Garden" by Kathrene McKinnell

Prizes for 2017: Winners received "Show Bucks"

Best in Show:  $75.00

First Prize:       $50.00

Second Prize:  $35.00

Third Prize:      $25.00

                                           2015 Winners

Best in Show 

"43 Green Dolphin Street"  by Elizabeth Slinn   


 1st Place

"The French House"   by Janine Thiedeke


2nd Place

"Geppetto's Workshop" by Lori Hansen


 3rd Place

"Christmas in June"  by Arlone Emmington 




Note:  No show in 2014

                                                       2013 Winners

 Best in Show - Elizabeth Slinn - "Gothica"

1st Place - Arlone Emmington "Safe Harbour Cottage"

 2nd Place - Marlene Swann " Sweet Dreams"


 3rd Place - Lori Hansen "Mouse House Tea House"

   Honorable Mention - Aly Swann - "Grs and Purs" Junior entry.

                                                                    2012 Winners

Best in Show ? T. P. ((initials at the request of Exhibitor) "Ready for Tutoring"



1st Place  - Kathy Barbier ?Yesterday's Treasures?


 2nd Place - Lori Hansen ? ?Mouse House Teashouse"


3rd Place - Judy Lauson - "The Secrets"


2011 Winners

Best in Show ? T. P. (initials at the request of Exhibitor) ? ?Computer Monitor?

1st Place - .Marlene Swann ? ?Swann & Son?

2nd Place - Bettie Smith ? ?Clifford & Walter?s Jewelry & Gifts?

 3rd Place - Pam MacDonald  - 1/4" scale ?Old Forge?

  2010 Winners

Best in Show - Marlene Swann ? ?Victoria?s?

1st Place - Judy Lauson ? ?Harmony?

  2nd Place Lori Hansen ? 1/4" scale  ?Gepetto?s Workshop"

3rd Place - Bette Smith ?  "Smith?s Sweet Shop?

2009 Winners

Best in Show  - Sherry McGirr ? ?Bookstore?

1st Place  Sherry McGirr ? 1/4? scale "Seven Dwarves House?

2nd Place - Lori Hansen ? 1/4" scale ?Gepetto?s Workshop?

3rd Place - Fatima da Ponte ? ?Naked Without My Quilts?

  2008 Winners

Best in Show ? Judy Lauson ? ?Mayfair Way?

  1st Place - Judy Lauson ?? Europa?

2nd Place - Kathy Barbier ? ?De Holland Bakkery"

3rd Place - Catherine Lansing ? ?Muddy End?


2007 Winner

Best in Show   - to be added

1st Place - Judy Lauson ? ?The Fall?

2nd Place - Peggy Hardy ? ?Castle Ruins?

3rd Place - Wies DeVries ? ?The Bakery?


2006 Winners

Best in Show ? John Howard ?The Smithy?

1st Place - Sherry McGirr ? ?General Store?

2nd Place - Wies DeVries ? ?Boutique Bebe?

3rd Place - Judy Lauson ? "Past Reflections"


Archival entries below  (years 2005 and earlier) have been submitted by the winning Exhibitors as records were not passed onto the current Show committee.  Any other exhibitors for those years having information and detail of entries are welcome and encouraged to submit year of winning entry(ies), name of entry and placement.  Thank you in advance to those who have or will submit information for this section.

2005 Winners
Judy Lauson - 2nd Place - "Sweet Memories"
2004 Winners
Judy Lauson - 1st Place - "Yasuragi" ( A Place of Tranquility)
2003 Winners
 Judy Lauson - 1st Place - " Chateau Des Lauson"

2002 Winners
Judy Lauson - 3rd Place - "Dreams Come True"
2001 Winners
Judy Lauson - 1st Place - "Evening Elegance"
2000 Winners
Judy Lauson - Best in Class - "Preserving The Past"

Bonnie Morrison - People's Choice  - "Ron's Library"
1999 Winners
 Judy Lauson - 1st Place - Tropicana Ka Palekaiko Pona Loa"
3rd Place -"Step With Time" 
1998 Winners
 Judy Lauson - 2nd Place - "Shaka Ka Zulu"
                             3rd Place - "La Vigna Ristorante"
1997 Winners
 Judy Lauson - 1st Place - " Dreams Come true"
1996 Winners
Judy Lauson - 1st Place " Sweetheart's Delight"
                                          2nd Place " Tropicana Ka Palekaiko Pona Loa"
1995 Winners
Judy Lauson -  2nd Place "Past Impressions"

1993 Winners

Judy Lauson - 3rd Place - "Step in Time"

Earlier years....

Brenda Medeiros - 1st Place  - " The Bakery" 

Brenda Medeiros - 2nd Place  - " The Beachhouse"