Imagine courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectables
magine courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectables

  Miniature Club of British Columbia


Club Activities


To take part in MCBC’s lending library you must:

  • be a member in good standing
  • sign out each magazine
  • what you borrowed is due at the next meeting (you can always take it out again!)


Coffee, tea and a treat are available at each meeting. This is organized by the refreshment committee. If you remember to bring your own mug, it is more environment-friendly. We do have paper cups if you forget.


  • to comply with the law of the land, you must be a club member to purchase a ticket.
  • Tickets sell for $1 each.
  • Funds earned by the raffle are used to pay for magazine subscriptions for the library
  • The items to be raffled are donated by you, the club members. Remember it must be in scale, 1/12th or smaller, and something you will be proud to have donated. It may be something you made, won’t work in your collection, you have too many of them, or maybe you just wish to share.


It’s a suitcase that contains all the extra treasures you wish to share with your fellow members.

  • that little bit you purchased too much of and can’t throw out.
If you put in, you take out. If you don’t put in, you take out and make a donation of an amount you feel is fair.


  • Each year a club member volunteers to co-ordinate the party.
  • Arrangements will be made with HCC to book a date for the party
  • The budget is set by the Club
  • Members contribute food (potluck finger food is good), drink and Be Merry
  • Gift exchange is a scale miniature, $10 value, handmade or purchased. Please include a gift card with your name, so we can say “Thank you”!
  • If you bring a guest you must provide a gift for them.
  • All Club members help set up and clean up.
  • the Rule – you must have fun!!


If you are a paid up member you pay $10 and MCBC pays the rest. Give your name as you wish it to appear on the tag to our treasurer along with your money. We try to batch the orders and do it once a year. If you are replacing a tag or just ordering a 2nd one, the cost is $20 to you.


  • we alternate with other clubs
  • location and date is always announced.
  • Every fourth year, MCBC is host. When it is our turn, a committee is formed.
  • Food is pot luck.
  • MINI gift exchange, $10 value, handmade or purchased and your name with the gift.
  • It may be minis but it is MEGA fun!


We like parties and the June Challenge is a time for a party. It takes place the last Sunday of June in our regular meeting place.

A club member volunteers to co-ordinate the day. Club members bring the food and drink, finger food pot luck style. We all help with the set-up and clearing up.

Each year we try to have a challenge and many members take part. It may be building, decorating, the use of __, imagination, etc. Usually the workshop committee makes a recommendation for the project. June is the time for show and tell of your project whether it is finished or not.

This is also the day we celebrate all birthdays with cake and gifts. If you wish to take part you bring a gift ($10 value) to exchange.


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