Imagine courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectables
magine courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectables

  Miniature Club of British Columbia



Workshops are organized by a workshop coordinator to guide people through projects available through  various sources.  Usually the workshops are also theme based upon the club's yearly "June Challenge" project.  The coordinator most often guides the workshop or another member of the club may volunteer to do a session as well. Projects done at these workshops are for personal use only.

Workshops - Sept. 2018-June 2019

September - Wicker chair and sisal rug

More to come!

Workshops - Sept. 2017-June 2018

October: Lighting to roombox and table lamp - by Judy and Fatima
December: Simple little girl’s dress

January: Breakfast Tray – by guest Elizabeth of Studio E (Note:a second meeting may be necessary)
February: Vegetables – continued by Marilyn
March: House plants - by Pam M.
April: Mailbox on a stand - by Terry R.

Workshops - September 2014-June 2015


This year the club takes on the challenge of creating from your imagination and go to places the standard dollhouse projects would not normally go to...

This project was inspired by the centerpieces at the NAME Small Scales House Party in Portland 2012 and a Dr. Seuss display, both created by Susie Newell and cohorts.

This is under the direction of Joanne B. who wanted to introduce more members to 1:48th scale and encourage them to let their imaginations fly in  a wild and wacky world. Other workshops were/will be introduced by Evelyn K., Pam M. and Marilyn M. leading up to the club display at the 2015 West Coast show.

 .(house assembled and decorated by Pam MacDonald)


See project pictures under June Challenge




Workshops - September 2013-June 2014


January meeting: Paper flower Wreath

Prepared by Terry R.


November meeting: Wine Glass Glitter House Christmas Ornament

PDF Instructions for workshop done - original concept reminiscent of other bauble ornaments.

Instructions as prepared by Fatima:   Christmas wine glass ornament.pdf




 October meeting: Potion books


Book Covers: Anything thin and flexible enough to wrap around your book pages. Examples: leatherette paper, textured paper, leather, fabric, thin cardstock (even better if printed with free printies) or even just a coat of paint.

Pages - non-opening: A little block of wood, a piece of foam, a tiny stack of cardboard.

Pages- opening: A short section cut from the spine of a magazine, (Unread magazines make neater, more closed, book pages. Those that have already been read make looser more journal-like books.) a section cut from a pad of post-it notes, (Use the bound edge as your book?s spine.) a tiny stack of paper, accordion-folded pre-printed pages, (free printies again) a stack of textured paper stitched together with thread.

Embellishments: gold or copper paint for edges of pages and for drawing lines across the book spines, gold paint pens, printies of labels, (i.e. Journal, Photo Album, My Diary, etc.) very narrow ribbons for book marks, metal jewelry-making findings and ?jewels? for magic books, vintage bibles, etc.

Instructions: Use straight edge and box cutter or Exacto-knife to cut ?pages? to size based on type of book and scale. Cut cover just a hair larger than pages. Glue ribbon book mark, if any, between pages or between cover and pages. Trim bookmark to appropriate length. Glue cover to outside of pages. Paint edges of pages with gold or copper paint or leave plain depending on type of book. Glue label on front, if using. Draw gold lines across spine with fine paint brush or paint pen if desired.

Printie Books: Search the internet for printies of mini-books. These can be used as covers. Some go together like a little box to make a whole set of books for filling shelves.

*Note: To see more about the Potion Book, Google Joann Swanson?s Witch?s Kitchen.


 September meeting: Suitcase

A wonderful little suitcase inspired by the online tutorial on  The original suitcase was changed to use only one side of the matchbox, thereby making two suitcases from one matchbox.  And in some cases we used a box of similar dimension. Ahhhhh....what a little box and scrap paper can turn into!

Here are some of the creations by various club members.


Workshops - September 2012-June 2013

1.   A skirted table:  A couple of sample for the ever popular Skirted table ---more pics to follow

There are many different sites with how to for this, here is just one sample:  Wanna in El Paso

2.   Fern plant for the table: There are so many different instructions available and easy to find.

3.   A little 3 tier sweet stand for the cupcakes and profiteroles. The inspiration came from a YouTube    video which is no longer available, but this little stand is popular and has been made in many different ways by many different people. 

4.   Wedding cake from a plastic dollar (trash to treasure you could say) store container of bubbles (in the wedding section) There are two other examples above on the table and here is another.

Workshops - September 2011-June 2012

1.  Wicker breakfast tray as taught by Joan Purcel of Ashdown.  

 2.  And working with paper clay.  Gilded bowls (centre Fatima da Ponte - beauxminis). 

3.  Cheesecake, cheeses, candy apples, cupcakes, breads etc.

Workshops - September 2010-June 2011

1.  Straw Hats - by Louis K.

2.  Teabag Purses - Fatima da Ponte (beauxminis)    

3.  Craft stick utility box. (Similar to Dollshouse TV)

Workshops - September 2009-June 2010
 Umbrellas - by Terry P.

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