Imagine courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectables
magine courtesy of Tim Hicks Coastal Cottage Collectables

  Miniature Club of British Columbia


2017 Show & Sale - Date and Location

October 1, 2017

Open to the public - anyone who makes, collects, and sells miniatures.

Please note: New dealers at the show are welcome. Dealers and exhibitors do not need to be a member of the club to participate.

Coffee, tea, sandwiches, muffins, and squares will be available on site for sale by "Jobs Daughters."

An ATM is not available on site, but most dealers accept cheques and some may accept credit cards.


The most direct route is:  From Hwy. 1 take Canada Way  Exit #33 and head South to Canada Way. Turn right onto Canada Way for approximately 2-3 blocks. At the pedestrian overpass turn right onto Ledger Ave. if heading west and left if heading east. There will be signs up. If using a GPS and heading east on Hwy. 1 you will probably be directed to take Sprott. If you do please follow your GPS directions.

Or click on the map where it says get directions, type in the address and it will take you to a larger map for google map directions.

4333 Ledger Avenue, Burnaby, BC